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Terra Madre and Bacon & Eggs

 Seven days ago I had Bacon & Eggs for breakfast in Turin; not, I’m sure, a typical Italian way to start the day, but Gemma, who was amongst the 250 good citizens of Turin who accommodated some of the 7,000 delegates of Terra Madre over the three days from Thursday to Sunday, cooked up some of our Ummera Rashers with two Italian Eggs! An great way to begin the final day of Terra Madre and set me up for the next 36 hours without sleep.

I was going to have the Bacon & Eggs again today back at home, but we have no bacon left!

Between Babbington’s Tea Room on the Spanish Steps, Rome and The Winding Stair Restaurant in Dublin, we are cleaned out – although we have just finished curing and smoking more today so perhaps next Sunday!

Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto were, as in the past, awesome and inspring; I had intended to make a daily post from Turin, but I was so engrossed in all the activities, workshops, tastings that I felt that the time queueing to get Internet access, would be much better used in tasting another cheese, salami, pasta, etc etc…

So bits and pieces from Terra Madre will appear over the next few weeks!