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Euro-Toques School Food Workshops

All this week, a number of Euro-Toque Chefs are talking and demonstrating to school children in schools and in their restaurants around th and feel foode country about food, what it is, where it comes from, how important it is, how to taste, how to source local foods, how to take healthy fun lunches to school.

Today, Richy of Richy’s Bar & Bistro in Clonakilty, asked me to come along and talk about what we do here at Ummera. My audience was 35 or more 11 and 12 year olds from Clonakilty’s Gaelschoil. They were given and introduction by Richy followed by me rambling on about smoking foods. Then Richy organised a blind fold tasting of interesting and unusual foods, challenging the children to identify the food by feel, smell and taste. 

It was a fine effort by Richy and his team who have given over every morning this week to pass on to the children  his passion and knowledge of food; it is so important that children of today know about food and where it comes from.