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Terra Madre on Nationwide

RTE have done Slow Food‘s Terra Madre Ireland event proud with tonight’s edition of Nationwide.

Some good footage captured  the atmosphere surrounding those four days last week in Waterford. It was a pity that they didn’t show some footage of the working sessions on the Friday which encapsulated the real meaning of Terra Madre, where people of many different walks and perspectives met to discuss and propose some answers to the way which we, the producers, and you, the co-producers, should be going forward.

Have a look at the Terra Madre web site for further details of the four days and do contribute to some of the Forum’s threads. As a co-producer, your voice is just as important as the producers.

And if you want to do something really special at the end of October, head out to Turin for Salone del Gusto.

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The cleverness of it all!

In February RTE’s Nationwide included a piece on Ummera, and I have been thinking about embedding it onto our website, but with no joy.

However, this morning whilst scanning through my Google Reader feeds for interesting bits, Damian Mulley gave me the solution with a  link to Jazz Biscuit who has created some code to embed RTE’s Realplayer clips.

So now, thanks to the Irish blogosphere, I have the solution and the clip can be viewed directly from