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Ducks and Boats?

As part of the euphoria that is part of winning a Three Star Gold in the Great Taste Awards, we felt that we needed a small display sign to give to our wonderful retailers to help them let their customers know about our Smoked Silver Hill Duck. So a quick Skype call to Nevil Swinchatt, our graphic designer now based in Cornwall, with a simple request to produce something by lunchtime.

And he did!

So delighted were we with the image, that we thought we really should introduce Nevil to you because not only is he a very good graphic designer but he is also a painter! One of his clients is the famed yacht designer, Ron Holland, and here is one of Nevil’s paintings of the Thalia. Have a look at Nevil’s website, to see more of his work and to download a press release about his painting of Thalia.

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Gold! Gold! Gold!

We are really thrilled to report that we have been honoured with a Gold Award in this year’s Great Taste Awards in the UK for our Ummera Smoked Silver Hill Duck Breast.

Ummera Smoked Duck
And not just a Gold Award, but a Three Star Gold Award – can’t get much better than that!

With over 6,000 entries, only 91 products were awarded a 3 Star Gold Award.

We did an initial test smoke of duck breasts from Silver Hill Ducklings in Co. Monaghan, back in July last year. In November 2009 we tasted it with many  wine lovers who attended the Cork Wine Show, and such was the reaction that we knew we had something very special. Since then we have been smoking duck in partnership with Silver Hill Foods; whenever we have tasted it in public, be it the UK at Mortimer & Bennett in Turnham Green last January, Birmingham at the FoodExpo in March, or here in Ireland at various venues, the reaction has been the same: “Where can I buy it?” or  “Who stocks it?”.

And now our Ummera Smoked Silver Hill Duck has received the highest honour by getting this three star award at the Oscars of the Food World!

Receiving this Gold Award for our Smoked Duck,  now means that every single one of our products has received an award from the Guild of Fine Food!

Of course, Ummera wouldn’t have been able to win this award without our great team here, Anat, Andrzy, Jonathan and Marcin. Thanks to you all!

A list of retail stockists can be found here: Retail Outlets

Or you can order direct from our online shop.

Great Taste Awards 2010

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At last! We have Smoked Silver Eel again..

We secured limited stocks of good sized Silver Eels last week from Lough Owell in Co. Westmeath and have just smoked some today.

The last eels we bought was two years ago; we subsequently won a Gold Award at the U.K.’s Great Taste Awards in 2006 and we were presented the Irish Guild of Food Writer’s Award in 2007.


Smoked eel
Ummera Smoked Silver Eel

We have restored the Smoked Eel to our online ordering pages at and can be ordered there; alternatively, of course, contact myself or Anat direct, by phone, Skype or email for all details.

We have some available for shipping out next Monday, September 22nd.