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Chocolate Smoked Salmon

In last week’s Newletter, we rather “tongue in cheek” mentioned Chocolate Smoked Salmon as an April Fool thought.

Well, we received an email from Finbarr in Kerry:

Can I assure you that several Easters ago in a three star Michelin Restaurant in Versailles – la Trianon Palace Hotel – where the Armistice was signed after World War 1- ( the restaurant is now being run by Gordon Ramsay and he won two stars last years too!)  we enjoyed a chocolate themed dinner which started with wonderful Wild Smoked Scottish Salmon with shaved chocolate – 70% of course, and it was marvelous. The veal with white chocolate sauce was also amazing – I forget what we had for pud but it was chocolate!

So tell that to your taste panel and have a rethink.

Just replace Wild Smoked Scottish Salmon with Ummera Smoked Organic Salmon and get some organic dark chocolate, 70% of course!

So this is NOT an April Fool joke!