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Irish Organically grown salmon, cured in sea salt and a trace of organic raw cane sugar, then smoked over oak sawdust fires. Filleted, pin boned and trimmed by hand, our smoked salmon is available in 100gm, 200gm and 500gm sliced packs; It is also available in whole sides ranging from 800gms to 1.5kgs, either unsliced or sliced, as well as in 250gm unsliced portions.

We have been smoking salmon at Ummera for nearly half a century, initially using Wild Atlantic Salmon, but for the last twenty years we have been smoking organically grown Atlantic Salmon, grown in the pristine waters of the west coast of Ireland. Our smoked salmon has received accolades from around the world and has received Gold awards at the Great Taste Awards over the years.

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We source our Organic Salmon from the west coast of Ireland, originally from Clare Island, which is four miles off the coast of County Mayo in the west of Ireland, but organically grown salmon is now available from a number of sites off the west coast of Ireland.

Organic Salmon are provided with special diets that contain only organic, natural ingredients and are free of genetically modified products. Phaffia, a yeast based pigment, ensures the salmon have that natural salmon-pink colour.

Stocking densities are low, in line with organic welfare concepts. This calculates out at just 0.5% to 1% of fish by volume in the water, less than half that of conventional farms. The Irish Atlantic waters they live in are classed by the European Union as 1A in quality — the best there is. A constant 2-knot flow and high tidal exchange rates continuously flush the pens with fresh water, preventing any build up of parasites or pollutants. This natural, healthy environment and low population density allows the fish to develop good muscle and body shape.

7 reviews for Smoked Organic Salmon

  1. Arie Elberse

    We are going to order now for the third time a full side of ummera’s organic salom, it is so so much better than the supermarket salom.
    The proof is the pudding (sorry salom)
    Arie Elberse & family

  2. markoconnell3

    Beautiful moist delicious salmon- highly recommend.

  3. Joseph Gonzalez

    Visited the smokehouse in May of 2019. Anthony was kind enough to share his history, experience, and samples of the most amazing smoked salmon and duck I’ve ever tasted. Cheers!

  4. Suzanne

    We have been buying this salmon for our Christmas lunch starter for many years. It is always the most delicious part of our meal. The flavour and texture are second to none. We have recently been buying the bacon as well, which is also delicious. Thank you to all at Ummera.

  5. Lucia Andreatti

    For us always the best irish smoked salmon. We buy it since almost 20 years! Quality excellent. The delivery from Ummera is always quick and perfect.

  6. Peter Moore

    Delicious smoked organic salmon. Tried for the first time today, 200ml, beautifully sliced so there’s a real bite in it, not super thin, just perfect.


    Simply delicious

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