Smoked Dry Cured Bacon Rashers

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We source our pork locally in West Cork, and dry cure it in finest traditional sea salt from Tavira, Portugal with a small quantity of Costa Rican organic cane sugar plus a specially selected blend of peppers and herbs. The bacon is then smoked over oak fires, and, finally, sliced for packing.

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We add NO nitrate/ nitrite/ saltpetre or any other preservative apart from sea salt; these are commonly used in other bacon to maintain the ‘pink’ colour of the uncut meat and to act as long term preservatives. All our products are fresh and can be frozen if needed.

Being dry-cured, when cooked our rashers do not produce water and frothy scum. It produces a crisp, full flavoured rasher that is wonderful on its own, but is also a fine ingredient in recipes.

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2 reviews for Smoked Dry Cured Bacon Rashers

  1. Will

    Excellent product and one of the few I can find on the market that is preservative free.

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      Hi Will,
      Delighted to hear that you’ve enjoyed our Bacon!
      Do give your parents my best wishes; It’s been quite a while since I last saw them!

  2. mary

    Delicious bacon and Gravadlax.
    The bacon is just how I remember from my childhood with rind on and no nitrates.
    The service is excellent.

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      Anthony Creswell

      Thanks very much, Mary.

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