Organic Gravadlax


Organic Salmon marinated in a special blend of dill, sugar, salt, pepper and a splash of whisky creates a wonderful taste and texture experience. In 2008 we introduced our Organic Gravadlax, and we were honoured to get a Gold in the 2008 Great Taste Awards in our first year of production. Our Gravadlax is available in 100gm sliced packs, 250gm unsliced portions and whole sides , sliced or unsliced, of about 1.4kgs.

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Product Description

One filleted side of organic salmon is covered with the gravadlax mix, then the other side placed on top; they are chilled and turned twice a day for five days to allow the flavours of the marinade to seep into the salmon, while the salt extracts the moisture from the sides and cures the salmon.

Sliced thinly or diced, it has a wonderful flavour; some like to enhance it with a mustard and dill sauce, but this can overpower the taste of Ummera’s Organic Gravadlax, so we prefer it as it is!


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