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How many shopping days to Christmas?

Our first Christmas order has just arrived into our inbox from Mr. May in the UK, and this serves as a timely reminder to us that Christmas is not too far away now.

For some strange reason, Smoked Salmon sales rocket upwards at Christmas. Never quite understood why, but it gives us smokers a real challenge. Ummera has changed quite dramatically over the last two years with many speciality food shops in Ireland (as well as in the UK) carrying some or all of our products; this has given us a year round demand and keeps us busy for most weeks of the year! Now Christmas looms and we will have to work the annual miracle once again.

Our message is simple: Please order early AND take delivery early; the smoked salmon does freeze very well.

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Rogue Traders and Organic Fish

There was an announcement yesterday by Food Minister Trevor Sargent regarding tightening up on rogue traders selling so called organic food when it isn’t approved by a certification body.

Unfortunately this won’t apply to aquaculture products as they won’t apply until January 2009, so “caveat emptor” when buying organic fish.

Let the buyer beware.

Check the labels for an approved Certification body such as the Organic Trust and IOFGA.

It is important to note that, where a fish has been further processed, such as smoked, and while the actual fish may have come from an organically approved farm, the processor or smoker must also be approved to call it Organic Smoked Salmon or Smoked Organic Salmon. But until January 2009 it is quite legitimate to label it as such despite the processor not been approved.

So make sure that the label carries the Organic Trust or IOFGA symbol.

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Ummera around the county (and elsewhere!).

Yesterday Dublin, tomorrow the world! Not quite but I will be at the Urru Culinary Store in Mallow, and William will be at the Bandon Farmer’s Market.

On Sunday, Ralph will be manning our stand at the Bandon Show.

On Tuesday, William will be at the Kinsale Farmer’s Market

Next Wednesday, I will be at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, London sampling our smoked organic salmon and our new gravadlax.

Sunday week, Ralph will be again manning our stand at the Baltimore Sea Food Festival in West Cork.

You can’t escape us!!

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The price of fish……

The UK Daily Telegraph’s Magazine section today carried an article by Rose Prince about Ummera and our position on the wild salmon situation this year. If you missed it, then it can be read here , although the online version is missing some of the photos (including one of me, headless!!).

As with any article, there is the odd howler! Rose writes about Jonathan “butchering” the salmon when clearly he is filleting them!

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December 8th and two new shops opening!

There are two new speciality food shops opening tomorrow in Ireland, and I am delighted that they are both carrying a range of our products!

The first is a newURRU shop in Mallow which will bring to that town some of the excellence that Bandonians have been raving about for the last couple of years. Willie, brother of Ruth in Bandon, will bring his experience as a Graphic Designer and the benefits of a six month course at Ballymaloe to bear on this exciting project.

The second is in Gorey, Co. Wexford where Christian and Heather Pauritsch open the doors at Partridge Lodge, 93 Main Street, Gorey.

And it’s 10% off Day tomorrow in Clonakity!