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A Day in the Life of …….

Good Food Ireland started a series of blog posts recently interviewing some of their members for their “Day in the Life of …” series.

Ruth Healy of Urru Culinary Store in Bandon and Peter Ward of Country Choice in Nenagh were the first two candidates and I was the third. You can read all about me here!!

The latest person is Eimantas Zvirblis, the fishmonger at Donnybrook Fair’s outlet in Malahide!

My one answer that raised a few eyebrows was to the following question:

Are You A Technophile or Technophobe?

I think I was always ahead of the posse in many ways when it came to using technology for the business. Ummera had a website long before many other businesses did. It was a great tool for communicating what we were doing to our customers, and keeping in touch with people in an inexpensive and efficient way. So I would have kept up with buying the latest computer technology and smartphones from that point of view, because there’s no doubt they do have a place. But I must admit these days it’s all gone beyond my original needs! I don’t have the time or the brains anymore to devote to learning new platforms. I am happy with what I have now and don’t feel the need to wait for the next iPhone to come out!

I am, of course, waiting impatiently for the new iPhone 7 so please disregard the last sentence! I’ve been to Cork, Bandon and Clonakilty trying to get one. Where are they?


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