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Change – seems to be the buzz word in Ireland!

It is with considerable embarrassment that I note the date on our last blog post was July 21st last year! We have, of course, sent out several newsletters since then, as well as many Tweets and some Facebook entries.

Perhaps the immediacy of Twitter and the directness of newsletters have taken away some of the urge to write regular blog posts, but even so, six months is a very big gap!

However, maybe changes here at Ummera will spur us on to be better bloggers! So to start us off, I asked the newest member of our team to put some words together by way of introducing herself:

Changes at Ummera…

From the beginning of January I have taken over where the very efficient Anat left off and am now at the Smokehouse at Ummera beside the Ardigeen River. Not a bad position from which to start your working day!

For our regular phone callers the change of voice will come as some surprise but I hope you will all bear with me as I endeavour to follow in my predecessor’s footsteps.

For those who love smoked food this is the place to be – I am learning something new on a daily basis……….Did you know you can smoke garlic, that the Costa Rican sugar used in the curing of our delicious Gravadlax is also great in coffee and that a delivery of our smoked eel to Hawaii takes less than 60 hours?

Next week I shall be at the Cork Food Forum at Inchydoney Lodge and Spa with Anthony and look forward to meeting up with some of our contacts there. In the meantime for sales or enquiries don’t hesitate to call us or email me directly at

I look forward to hearing from you,


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