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The loss of the Asgard II

Quite a shock this morning to discover that the Asgard II has sunk, but the good news is that all on board have been rescued and are all well.

I knew that our good friend, Otto Kunze, was on board so we were naturally very anxious. Otto is well known to many people in the world of food as the passionate owner of Dunworley Cottage Restaurant here in Cork; he sold up earlier this year to devote his time to sailing the seas. He has sailed several times on the Asgard II and was obviously in great demand as Galley Cook!

The Asgard II was on its way to La Rochelle to take part in the Salon de Grand Pavois, a major international Boat Show, and this year Ireland is the Guest of Honour Country, and Cork is featuring in The Tastes of Cork there – including some excellent Smoked Organic Salmon from …..!

I gather that she may have encountered a semi-submerged lost container as the weather was calm – unlike here for the last couple of days!

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  1. i was on the Asgard in June! it was the best experince in my life and i was going back to do watch leader training in October but unfortunately i can t now! hopefuly they will make a new Asgard and more peoplw would go on it now!

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