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Recipes for Success – have you got one?

I’ve just received a request from Aisling in RTE to mention that they are developing a new cookery business show and will be looking for applicants over the coming weeks.

“We’re looking for amateur cooks with a great recipe/ signature dish they think could make it big in the market place. The more unique or innovative the idea the better!”

Now if your signature dish requires Smoked Chicken, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Rashers or even Gravadlax, it had better be Ummera’s!! Hope we don’t get caught for sponsorship!!

Anyone interested should click on for details. Closing date is 26th September 2008.

3 thoughts on “Recipes for Success – have you got one?

  1. Hello,
    Just a little note to say that myself and my lovely colleague Dee will be in Waterford on Thursday and Friday at the Terra Madre Food event, so if you see us please drop by and pick up an application form or feel ree to ask us any questions about the show!


  2. Yes, I certainly will.
    You seem to have friends with all the food bloggers, judging by the proliferation of your posters on blogs!!

  3. Well I try to be thorough! I want to reach everyone who might be interested.
    Be sure to stop by on Thursday!

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