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A heart warming feeling!

For humble smokers to get a mention in the newpapers is always good news! And to get a mention in the Financial Times, or FT for those in the know, is great news!

Interestingly enough they make the comment “Irish smoked salmon is something of a connoisseur alternative to the stuff that comes from Scotland or Scandinavia but stocks of wild salmon of the Irish coast are so depleted that environmentally minded smokeries are taking it off their lists until numbers recover.”

We have had a number of enquiries for wild salmon as the Chrsitmas orders for smoked salmon come in, but we have given them our position and converted most! There will always be those who won’t listen and don’t understand the pressures that the wild salmon have been under, and will continue to be so for a while yet.

I was walking along the banks of the River Argideen which runs below the smokehouse the other day; it was very heart warming to see so many wild salmon in the river, more than I have ever seen before; in recent years, to see one salmon was a red letter day. If this is replicated on many Irish rivers, and they are left alone, then they will spawn and in 3 to 4 years time it will be exciting to be beside an Irish river.

Of course, there are other real problems which must be addressed such as the quality of the spawning beds and the quality of the water which now is so adulterated with pollution from agriculture and sceptic tanks.

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1 thought on “A heart warming feeling!

  1. Congrats on the mention! It’s great news to hear that you saw so many salmon. Let’s hope it continues.

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