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Jellyfish swarm kills Salmon

Horrific reports from Northern Ireland about the Glenarms salmon farm losing thousands of salmon to a swarm of Jellyfish are most worrying.

I gather that another farm has been effected by this swarm and it is heading towards Scotland.

Is this another result of over fishing creating a serious imbalance in the acqua ecosystem? I suspect it must be.

Many customers have called us to enquire if this will effect our supplies this Christmas; however our supplies of Organic Salmon come from Clare Island in Clew Bay, Co. Mayo on the west coast and they have not been affected.

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1 thought on “Jellyfish swarm kills Salmon

  1. Very reassuring to see the care you have for our fish stocks. Much appresiated, we look forward to having a big pile of Ummera smolked organic salmon at our office christmas party!

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