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There’s no such thing as a free…….bath?

Well there is, sort of! Two weeks ago we installed a 30 tube solar panel on the roof of our house and the sun has shone every day!

We now have seemingly unlimited amounts of piping hot water, and the oil burner is turned off; admittedly the immersion heater comes on first thing in the morning just to give it a quick boost so that my shower (and three others) is hot, but that’s all!

Having just watched Prime Time on RTE just now on the state of global warming, surely one of the sanest things government should do would be to insist that solar panels be fitted on all new builds; they should also insist that  every house has a way of storing and using rainwater.

Have a look a  for some really good sound information and you too might have a free bath!

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1 thought on “There’s no such thing as a free…….bath?

  1. Glad your solar panel is working well. Two County Councils (Fingal & Dunlaoghaire / Rathdown) are now insisting that houses be insulated to a far higher standard than the building code, and get some of their energy from renewables (of which solar is a popular option). We should probably lobby locally for this to be part of the next Cork County Development Plan, and yes of course it is a no-brainer on any new building, but try persuading a developer to spend €20 he (she?) doesn’t have to. For developers to change their ways, it has to be compulsory!

    All the best, Quentin.

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