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Bandon Farmer’s Market

One year old this Saturday apparently! Someone bring a birthday cake!!

Ummera is reluctantly having to  move out of its pitches at both Bandon and Kinsale; it is too time consuming for me, and Ralph and Alastair have got full time “proper” jobs now – so no more easy casual staff!

I do say reluctantly because one of the joys of the markets is the meeting of people who enjoy their food, and who are quite happy to tell you what they think of ones own products, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always constructive and helpful. It gives us, the producer, to try out new products, variations and get instant feedback.

But Ummera’s products can now be found in shops in Bandon (Urru and Martin Carey’s) and Kinsale (The Quay Food Shop, Fishy Fishy and Ship to Shore), and hopefully our vacated pitches will be snapped up by newcomers who have fresh exciting products to tempt the public with.

David Peare of the Quay Food Shop  also has a stall at the Kinsale Market and he will be carrying our smoked products; in Bandon we have not finalised anything yet, but I’m sure that we will be tempted up for the special occassion!

We will be there this Saturday……

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