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Popups and Gmail

I am using [tag]gmail[/tag] on both [tag]Firefox[/tag] and [tag]IE7[/tag].

They both have a Popup problem! I get a message saying “Grrr! a [tag]popup blocker [/tag]may be preventing Gmail from opening the page. If you have a popup blocker, try disabling it to open the window”
I have disabled popups (and created an exception for but it keeps occurring.

Anyone any ideas??

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2 thoughts on “Popups and Gmail

  1. Solved it!
    Just when I was about to abandon all hope!
    Deleted stored Cache and Cookies and all is well!

  2. Hi,

    I prefer to use gmail as a Pop 3 using Outlook Express. This means your emails are on your computer all the time, even when you’re offline, as well as being stored on Google’s server.


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