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The PR Machine!

One of the great benefits of being one of the recipients of this year’s Irish Food Writers Guild Awards is the wonderful publicity which follows!

No enthusiastic press releases, no arm twisting, no samples that never get sampled, no bribery (heaven forbid!), none of this is needed to get the food writers to write about you! After all who better to write about the awards and the winners than the food writers themselves!

To receive one of their awards has to be very humbling as we haven’t entered any competition knowingly, we haven’t submitted any samples (with the €100 note attached), we haven’t prepared a ‘special’ show sample.

We have been judged by our critics and found good. That is very satisfying.

Articles and mentions in the Irish Times, Independent, Irish Examiner, Food & Wine, Mooney Live in the last ten days, and no doubt others to come, is a bonus. The trip to Dublin and lunch at L’Ecrivain with food writers and producers was an award enough!

The team here at Ummera, Jonathan, Andrzey and William were delighted to see a photo of themselves in Carla Blake’s page in the Examiner accompanying a well told story. They deserve the credit.

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