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Ummera and Gravadlax

Our first trial batch of Ummera Gravadlax should be ready tomorrow. All being well, and the gravadlax being good (!), we might have some for tasting at the Searsons Wine event on Tuesday.

The process for the salmon is really simple, but the challenge is getting the mix of sugar, salt, dill and spirits right. The real nightmare has been getting the accompanying sauce right. Talk about persistence! On Friday night I made our first test sauce; it comprises of mustards, sugar and oil which are blended together to make a mayonnaise consistency sauce. Three times, it looked perfect, but three times I added one extra drop of oil and zap, I had lost the emulsified sauce I had created and had a sloppy concoction in two layers! A separation I believe it’s called!

A number of texts to the originator of the sauce, kept me going, and last night I stopped the oil a few drops in time – and it worked; mixed in the dill and it is still holding together 24 hours down the line.

The R & D Department is happy! However, I am desperately seeking help from anyone who can let me into the secret of how to get a perfect result every time, not one in four!

2 thoughts on “Ummera and Gravadlax

  1. Let me know when you release it, I’m dying to try it!

  2. Conor, might have some available at Bandon Farmers Market on Saturday.
    Watch this space!

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