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New Ordering Pages at

After weeks of burning midnight oil, diving into code books, and Master Classes in the challenges of php files, our new ordering pages are now live at

Modifications and improvements will continue over the coming weeks (and no doubt years!), but the base is there. The big change for us, and our customers, is that no longer is the price given for the product the final price. We have succumbed to the norm of having an ex smokehouse price and only at the check out will you get the shipping cost. This now means that an order can be made up of a mix of any of our products; the system calculates the total shipping weight and then gives the shipping cost. This, to me, is very clever, but I presume that it is far from new!

The other thing new about it is that customers will need to register, and guests are also requested to register. This way they can get get maximum benefit and so can we.

Any feedback is most welcome, both good (of course) and bad (most important).

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