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A new beginning?

Best intentions of maintaining a fairly regular web log (and I still have a dislike of the word blog!) have slipped since the middle of June. Slipped not because of nothing to say, but because of changes in our hosting provider and our internet access.

Ummera was off the air for nearly 10 days as we swapped host providers; the blackout was unfortunate, but did give me the opportunity of discovering gmail, with which I was, and still am, pretty impressed with. The reasons for changing hosts was one of cost primarily, but there were e-commerce reasons as well. Our old site’s ordering pages were designed with asp/dot net and it was quite beyond me to make any changes myself; I thought that there must be an easiersystem. And I hope there is, because I am now trying to make sense of php – and that with great difficulty over very simple parsing errors!

The other big event is that we now have broadband here at Inchybridge. May 27th 2004 was the first e-mail I sent out to the community here in Timoleague to try and get broadband. Last Saturday connected us on a wireless link – and it is fantastic! Here is picture of the mast above the smokehouse which myself and Andrzey erected; not very tall but it picks up the signal from above Kilavarrig and deflects it down to the lower Argideen valley. Now both Barryroe Creamery, Inchybridge Branch and  Tim Severin can access it! 

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