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Charcoal and a Laptop

Yesterday our 4 year old requested a BBQ, so I was duly despatched to get some charcoal in Clonakilty. Just before going I was moaning about the foiur or five hour wait in Dublin en route to Harrogate. Herself suggested that I should think about all the work I could/should do in that time. Being totally lost without the computer these days in any brain orientated work activity, I couldn't quite see how I could do any real work. Anyway, on the way to get the charcoal, it occured to me that the computer place next to the Atkins might loan/lend/rent me a laptop for the weekend. Think how useful it would be in Harrogate as well to show prospective customers our smokehouse and so on…..Of course they don't rent laptops BUT how about an inexpensive second hand one………..So here I am, in Applewood House, on their WiFi connection, typing away on my Toshiba Satellite Pro 6000, 2nd Hand! Apart from a very slow boot up time, it works well;don't like the little blue pointer control button, but a mouse was included with it. Skype is now loaded, my Act! database is loaded, copy of is loaded and being edited, and I shall shortly vanish into slumberland!

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