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Farmers Markets Update!

Go straight to Conor O'Neill's web log for comments and photos of a very successful first farmers' market in Bandon.

The Kinsale Farmer's Market every Tuesday has suffered from a couple of rather damp, cold and windy days, but even so the hardy souls of Kinsale have kept us all busy. Casey O'Connail's Hot Chocolate has been my favourite tipple every Tuesday morning!

16 thoughts on “Farmers Markets Update!

  1. Well done in Dublin, and keep up the blog! If you go to Irish Blogs and register, your posts will appear there.

    It was nice to meet you, and I’m sure there will be many more people looking for your smoked goods!

  2. Whilst Wifi in an airport is a wonderful thing, there can be drawbacks. I paid a tenner for a day for BT Openzone in Heathrow and happily typed away for two hours. Then I headed up to the Irish gates to discover that they only had T-Mobile up there. Another bloody tenner!

    I have to hand it to Shannon – they were still free the last time I checked. Somewhat makes up for the 2.5 hour drive.

  3. Well done to Rapid Broadband! Welcome to the real Internet!

  4. Oh and I tried to send a mail and it was rejected! Can you email me?

  5. No excuses for not blogging now Anthony! I’m impressed that it stretches to Barryroe.

    Our switch to EsatBT went shockingly well this week and only required four phone calls to them 🙂

    I’m looking at solutions similar to Rapid for my parents holiday gaff since Imagine won’t provide broadband when eircom Phonewatch is installed.

  6. I wish I could come along – another nuisance about having to work Saturdays! You should call in to Urru after the market on Saturday, too – Bubble Brothers’ wine expert Godefroy Baijot will be opening a few bottles and answering questions.

  7. Dangnabbit, we’ll be in Dublin. So we’ll miss the market and the wine.

  8. Tough on you, Conor.
    I doubt that we will finish the market before 3pm so Godefroy will probably have gone home by then! Perhaps he could slip 6 bottles of the Culpeo Cab Sauv to me before he goes?!!

  9. […] Julian from Bubble Brothers also pointed out in a comment on the Ummera Blog that there will be wine tasting in Urru on Saturday too. So maybe wander down there after the market and check it out. […]

  10. That’s great news. All those signs on telephone poles around the country were not in vain even if it was other motivations that finally caused the government to see sense.

  11. I have just read that the politicians have agreed all the recommendations of the report but ministers rejected a key proposal of the three-member expert group — to change legislation to allow for the selling of salmon caught by rod.
    I have somewhere in the back of my head that someone said that legislation may not be required for this to be implemented, so perhaps the article was misleading. I must get confirmation or otherwsie.
    It will ive us some big problems with supply of salmon next year a we will only be able to source from draft net caught fish, and there are not too many of those in the immediate area.

  12. When I was commuting to Little Island I had two tricks. The first is just to go the back way via Ballinhassig, Five Mile Bridge, Ballygarvan and then skirt around Carrigaline (hard to describe) and you come out at the top of the hill between Carrigaline and Douglas. Then onto the South Ring and Mahon is only one exit up.

    The alternative it to turn right up the tiny lane beside the new graveyard before the Bandon Road Roundabout and follow the roads in through areas whose name I don’t know until you come to the Togher entrance onto the South Ring. Much tougher and can clog up too.

  13. You know the MP market stallholders’ initiation ceremony involves throwing a house brick through one of the mall’s big plate glass windows, don’t you? They did tell you that bit?

  14. Many thanks, Conor, for the tips; I’ll pass it on to Ralph. And Julian, I appreciate the warning! Your favourite building isn’t it!!

  15. I saw the F&W article – pics and all!

  16. I saw the F&W article – pics and all! It’s about smoked salmon in general but you get the most of the piece.

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