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Magpie steals the bacon!

Last week Daylesford Organics from the UK paid us a visit here in Timoleague; as well as hopefully enjoying their visit, they took away some of our Smoked Dry Cured Bacon Rashers to sample at their hotel the next morning – assuming that they could persuade the Breakfast Chef at Maryborough House Hotel to cook it!

I have just received an e-mail from Greg Dawson, Daylesford’s Food Buyer saying:

Sorry I didn’t mention the bacon, it was stunning.
We asked the chef to cook it up for us on the Friday morning and he kept half of it, so you may end up getting an order.
On the afternoon we returned from you I put the bacon on my window sill at the hotel to keep it cool, only to see a magpie swoop down and pick up a packet, before flying of with it firmly in its beak. Even the birds in Ireland have good taste! He gave me a little look as he landed – Frank Hederman commented that the magpie was probably Catholic and felt a pang of guilt.
Made me chuckle

I couldn’t resist asking Greg’s permission to publish; it made me chuckle as well.

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